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  • You are one step closer to FITNESS SATISFACTION!

  • All you need is the desire for HEALTH and WELLNESS…

  • I will guide you to BETTER HEALTH and a WHOLE NEW YOU!

  • You set the GOAL, I form the PLAN!

What is Tonicity Fit?

Tonicity Fit is an all inclusive online personal training POWERHOUSE

This business has been designed to suit any and all of your personal and/or professional fitness needs.

Through online personal training programs organized by athlete and, ACSM nationally certified Health Fitness Specialist, Sarah Ostroski, you will be provided with the tools necessary to achieve the next level of over all wellness. 

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Why choose Tonicity Fit?

Cost Effective Online Personal Training
Tonicity Fit offers a unique opportunity to make POSITIVE PROGRESSIVE GAINS while NOT breaking your bank account!

You can choose from three different membership levels to meet your fitness and financial needs!

Elite Online Personal Training
Using this online personal training program will entitle you to EXCLUSIVE workout routines that incorporate PRIME exercise and wellness strategies!

All Inclusive Online Personal Training
The Tonicity Fit Online Personal Training program fuses ALL FIVE components of fitness!
- Muscular Strength
- Muscular Endurance
- Cardiovascular Endurance
- Flexibility
- Body Composition

Personal Online Personal Training
All of the Online Personal Training programs available from Tonicity Fit are fully designed and organized by ACSM Health Fitness Specialist, Sarah Ostroski.

NOTHING is computer generated!

You have email access to your online personal trainer, Sarah Ostroski, and can ask any questions that you might have.


Who will benefit from Tonicity Fit?

Anyone Will Benefit from Tonicity Fit, LLC Online Personal Training
No matter what your fitness goal, Tonicity Fit has the capability to provide optimal and well rounded workout routines.

Tonicity Fit has multiple membership options to cater to your needs.

- Fitness Level Specific
- Goal Oriented
- One-on-One Remote Training
- Regular Assessment with Remote Training

Explore MEMBERSHIP OPTIONS to find out more about what is offered how to join!

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