Full Body Workout Series Online Personal Training Program:

$9.99 per Month

Join the Full Body Workout Series


With the Full Body Workout Series membership, you will have access to all levels of exercises no matter what your current fitness level.  Each experience level is designed with muscular development and conditioning in mind.  I provide definitions of each fitness level offered to help you decide what workouts will be best for you.  If you try a level and decide that it is too easy, you can simply try a workout from the next level to see if that works better for your fitness capabilities.


Do not worry, there is a whole lot more included with your membership!

Along with full body resistance training, you will be provided with weekly cardiovascular guidelines as well as flexibility routines to incorporate ANOTHER component of physical wellness.  You will also have full access to the Tonicity Fit monthly news letter, which will be packed full of fitness advice based upon current and past research as well as little tips on extra things you can do to boost your physical fitness.


Here is a DETAILED breakdown of what your membership will include:


4 Weeks of workouts EVERY MONTH:


Weight Training

 Novice:            2 New workouts for every 4 weeks

Active:            2 New workouts for every 2 weeks

 Experienced:   2 New Workouts for every week



 Weekly cardiovascular guidelines for each experience level



 New flexibility routine every month



 FULL ACCESS to the Tonicity Fit monthly newsletter

(Click here to view a sample newsletter template.)


$9.99 per Month

Join the Full Body Workout Series