The Custom Client One-on-One Online Personal Training Program:

$269.99 per Month

Join the Custom Client

With The Custom Client program, you will be asked to fill out health and fitness history questionnaires as well as provide me with a specific goal that you have in mind.  After I have assessed your fitness level, become familiar with your health and fitness needs and been provided with your fitness goals, I will provide you with workouts that will help you achieve that goal.  These workouts are designed with progression in mind.   You set the goal, I form the plan that will assist you in the progress you need to reach that goal.  Keep in mind that these programs are designed to work only if you put in the effort necessary.  Stick to the plan, and you should have the tools necessary to succeed.


Here is a DETAILED breakdown of what your membership will include:


4 Weeks of workouts EVERY MONTH:

 GOAL SPECIFIC and/or FINE TUNED Weight Training

2-3 NEW workouts for every 1-2 weeks depending upon your fitness level

(Actual workout quantities may vary depending upon your fitness level.)


Weekly cardiovascular guidelines


New flexibility routine every month


FULL ACCESS to the Tonicity Fit monthly newsletter

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Regular Fitness Assessment

Your program will include an initial fitness assessment to determine your health status and current level of fitness.

After the initial assessment, a workout program will be customized for you to meet your fitness and wellness goals and needs.

Re-assessments will be given on an as needed basis to track the progress as well as further modify you program to continue to meet your needs.

 Video Conferencing

The Custom Client program includes 30 minutes per month of video conferencing with your trainer.

Additional video conference sessions are available for purchase through your membership page.

(Video conferencing can be performed via Skype or OoVoo, and you must have your own account in order to utilize those services.)

(Video conference must be scheduled at a mutually acceptable time for both client and trainer.)


In addition to the monthly video conferencing, you will be able to have regular contact with your trainer via email.

Nutritional Advice

A limited amount of nutritional information will be provided in the realm of weight management and/or sport specific nutritional needs.

(Please allow 1-3 days for a response from your trainer.)

$269.99 per Month

Join the Custom Client